Fredericksburg Budget Storage


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  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Protective stuff
  • Moving/lifting tools
  • Covers & bags
  • Locks
  • Rope & tie downs
  • Storage solutions
  • Shipping boxes & supplies
  • Moving Calculator

Boxes & packing supplies

Extra Large Moving Box
24" x 18" x 24"
Perfect for large lightweight and bulky items such as comforters, large pillows, towels and seasonal bulky clothing.

Large Moving Box
18" x 18" x 34"
Works best for large, lightweight items such as lampshades, stereo speakers, board games, stuffed animals, pillows and clothing.

Medium Moving Box
18" x 18" x 16" (1.0 cu/ft)v
Good for smaller household items, toys, and appliances.

Small Moving Box
16-3/8" x 12-5/8" x 12-5/8"
Fits smaller, dense and heavy items such as books, tools, sheet sets, small appliances and canned food.

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